Board of Directors

Amit Singh

Co-Founder & Director

Netra Parikh

Co-Founder & CFO

Gautham Sivaramakrishnan

Director - Operations

Ujjwal Trivedi

Director - Technical

Central Executives & Ninjas

Ojasvi Bhatia

Director - International Ecosystems & Community Operations

Vaniya Dangwal

Head - Strategic Partnership & Operations

Taha Malik

Head - International Ecosystems

Tushar Vadera

Head - Headstart Investor Circle

Aarzoo Jain

Manager - Community & International Ecosystems

Ritik Balotia

Manager - Media Productions

Sanjana Uthappa

Program Manager, Investments

Ruchi Vora

Program Manager - Strategic Partnerships & Innovation Hub

Vageesh Muralitharan

Program Manager

Roopali Rathi

Program Manager

Blanche Rodrigues

Intern - Community operations

Leads and Senior Volunteers

Akhilesh Agarwal

South Regional Lead & Recruitment

Anirudh Siddharth

West Regional Lead

Ashish Gulati

North Regional Lead

Divya Pritwani

Central Regional Lead

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