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NeuroTags – AI技術と暗号技術を用いたタグで、ブランドを偽造品から守る
This article originally appeared in English on our blog. Read this article in English from here.   (1)企業概要~NeuroTagsとは? NeuroTagsは、AIを用いた暗号技術を用いた偽造品検知ソリューションを提供する、インド西部の都市プネーに拠点を置くスタートアップです。 独自のタグを貼付した商品が、購入~商品到着までの過程で、何者かにより偽造品にすり替えられると、即座にこれを検知・分析し、商品の販売者、買い手に通報します。 同社のサービスは、トレーサビリティ、顧客のロイヤルティ向上、マーケティング戦略強化、といったサプライチェーンの川上~川下まで幅広くカバーしています。 今回は、同社のCo-Founder & COOである、Abhishek Agarwal氏に話を伺いました。 彼は、Headstartのボランティアでもあり、Headstart...
Kickstart for Women Entrepreneurs
Headstart was founded with a vision of “changing the world through entrepreneurship.” Two initiatives that took flight from this belief was Kickstart, an investor connect...


We were looking to get into an accelerator of a global leader which provides great value in terms of go to market but realized we missed the deadline. Headstart with its connects was able to get the organization to look at our company and we eventually made it to the accelerator. I recommend any startup to be associated with Headstart and take advantage of the self-less love that Headstart provides.
Raghu Ravinutala Founder & CEO - Yellow Messenger
Headstart gave us breakthrough opportunity to pitch in front of leading VCs at an event and we met one of our leading VC investor Contrarian at the event.
Chandan Agarwal COO & Co-founder - WholesaleBox
Startup Saturday remained a place for me to rejuvenate and network with other enthusiastic entrepreneurs. We are grateful for Startup Saturday sessions that helped catapult our venture to success
Shashank Pawar CEO - Whoz High
Networking has been the biggest takeaway from Headstart's events. The connections have definitely helped us in setting and running our startup.
Raghav Sharma Co-Founder - Kalaage
Headstart does a great job at discovering startups that can contribute to the development of the ecosystem. I would love to return to this initiative if given the opportunity.
Siddharth Deshmukh Founder & CEO - ShimBi Labs
Kickstart is much needed for the ecosystem to help startups reach the greatness that they can achieve. A little encouragement goes a long way and such initiatives really boost startups
Tarak Rindani Founder - Imperium Global
Kickstart is a great opportunity for startups to meet with investors, advisors and mentors. It opens up various avenues for startups and this gives a lot of scope for startups to grow.
Akash Surekha Vice President - Enterprise Digital Experiences
Such initiatives are a great platform to share each other's journey and learn from others' experiences. It was great interacting with the attendees.
Sarang Panelist - Startup Saturday
Headstart events are great help for entrepreneurs and provides an effective platform. It's a place to meet like minded people and a platform to demonstrate products and get validation. Each Startup Saturday session is insightful and practically helpful for Startups.
Garima Mitra Co-founder - Treelife Consulting
Real motivational meetups. The inspiration touch high after attending these workshops. Be it the knowledge of the speaker or the enthusiastic young crowd. Kudos to Headstart for their initiatives
Sarathy Venkat Attendee - Startup Saturday

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