Acquiring First 100 Customers

Startups are required to acquire customers and get revenue in the door sooner and sooner.

Gone are the days of raising big venture dollars before you really focus on revenue and customers.

Times have changed. Founders can no longer woo investors with just great ideas and "users." The people behind the funding want to see real results right off the bat, which means the days of raising money with no proof of success are over.

And getting the first bunch of customers is a challenge. Join us at this Startup Saturday and learn how to hit the first 100 pots of gold.

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Rupak Shah



Rupak Shah is CEO & Co-founder of LearnAur, education and entertainment platform.

He is of firm belief that learning happens best when the learner is engaged. In that way, they not only learn but also enjoy the process of learning.

Manasi Kashikar




Manasi is an Engineering graduate in Information Technology with strong skills in Customer handling and Business administration.
Currently building a structured curriculum that would make Computer coding simpler for school kids through her startup Mindchamp


Event Details

12 Oct, 2019
02:00 PM to 05:00 PM
NASSCOM 10000 Startup Warehouse,
304, Building No. 2,
Millenium Business Park, Sector 1, Mahape,
Navi Mumbai - 400710

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