Exploring Mumbai with Dr. Vaidya’s

Anoushka Chopra

02 Feb'21

Meet Dr. Vaidyas! A startup from Mumbai, they embody the spirit of the ecosystem in their city. Read more about the Mumbai ecosystem here.

Dr. Vaidya’s

Buy Ayurvedic Medicine Online | 100% Ayurvedic Products | Dr. Vaidya'sMumbai has a beautiful mix of startups along with the small and large business reaching heights. The ecosystem being highly driven, ambitious, and engaged constantly inspires people to come and work here. One such startup amongst the wide range of startups is Dr. Vaidya’s, one of the largest ayurvedic brands.

The founder saw a huge opportunity in India and grabbed it! With more than 100 proprietary ayurvedic formulations passed on from generation to generation, they are moving towards natural organic products.

Their aim since the very beginning has been to make these ayurvedic products accessible to modern consumers using the power of the digital world. Dr. Vaidya’s way of working is extremely appealing and accessible, reaching out to more than a million consumers in the last three and a half years! Their mission is simple but inspiring – to focus on the years-old legacy as well as ayurvedic science and repackage it to make it appealing.

With Dr. Vaidya’s core identity being “Proudly Indian”, their funding has mostly been through private equity and various funds based in Mumbai.

Challenges & Future Plans

The journey has not been easy, there have been challenges along the way. Building a consumer product brand and engaging with thousands of customers has taken time as well as a lot of effort. They have not only convinced people to buy into their vision but have also achieved credibility and trust. Building a strong team has been another challenge. Finding people with the same core values and the ones that fit into the culture is extremely difficult.

Read more about Dr. Vaidya’s journey and future plans-

The idea of marketing at Dr. Vaidya’s has been clear from the very beginning. The aim has always been to engage and analyze the needs and pain points of all the customers.

Finally, they have set short term quantifiable goals for their future. In the next 6 months, the startup plans to build further on its presence and also spread itself across countries. Moreover, they also want to achieve a buy rate on amazon.com. Broadly, they want to take their products to the world; see the mark of India across shelves in 30+ countries!

In a nutshell, this startup is situated in a city that has entrepreneurship build in it, a spirit that never fails to draw you back!

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Anoushka Chopra & Sanskriti Bhatnagar
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