The March edition of Startup Saturday in Ahmedabad was all about the Rise of Women Entrepreneurship.
The amazing speakers who joined us to add meaning to the session were:
Ms Meena Kaviya, MD, Ayma Creations Pvt. Ltd. & Chairperson, Textile Committee, GCCI
Ms Ratna Jani, Founder, Pink Butterfly & Chairperson, Youth Wing, GCCI
Ms Ruzan Khambatta, Founder, N’ Wave Tech P. Ltd & Founder, Wajra O’ Force Empowerment Foundation

Here are the key takeaways from the narratives of our speakers at Headstart’s Startup Saturday series ‘The rise of women entrepreneurship’, held in IIM-A 10th March 2018:

  1. It is the willing people and team which fosters startup/company instead of perfectionist employees.
  2. Be user-centric and industrious, the rest shall follow.
  3. The philanthropic landscape seeks to see more women on board.
  4. To eradicate self-esteem from its very roots, it is time to barge in for consistent work, projects and initiatives. For the more you hustle, the more doors of opportunities shall open. You’d be glad to experience that vivid spectrum.
  5. It is an equivalent responsibility of women for economic contribution.
  6. Keep it lucid and stupid. For example, if you had to explain the difference between a webpage and a website, then illustrate it as – ‘Webpage is a flat, whereas website is a villa’.
  7. Equip yourself with cutting-edge trends happening across the web and globe. Have foresightedness when it comes to business models and revenue.
  8. It is time Indian women take up consultancies as a career option too, for India really needs it.
  9. Explore “ancient systems” of India – whether it be manufacturing, making, fabricating, servicing or inventing; for it will highly aid you in handling your business.
  10. Don’t feel inferior is you are delivering grocery items or simple food items like – paapad, saree, etc. because no product ever is small. What matters is how you execute and market it effectively.
  11. Urban women must take time out to empower rural women too!
  12. It is the time that youth of India learns ‘time management’ the brief way and adhere to commitments when it comes to delivery or deployment of a product.
  13. It is a beautiful time to smile every second. Also, try to bring exuberance in other lives – it would make a great impact if you were able to even touch two people’s lives a day.
  14. Rewire your subconscious mind to do things which you dislike, by conditioning yourself to like/love whatever task you pursue.
  15. Chase the order – disciple and resilience always pay off.
  16. The more honesty you’d embrace for your product and execution, the more insights and solutions will pour in.
  17. Voice out your opinion loud over social media. It is time for Indian women to tap the social media and unveil the paragon it has to offer to the business and personal branding.
  18. As women of today, you must cherish the changes and embrace the flow. Strive towards sincerity and innovation instead of seriousness. The money will follow if you work towards righteousness and have a wellbeing intention for the world.
  19. It is absolutely alright to be vague about your life goals. Just make sure you thrive exploring things you adore and the revelations will surge in.
  20. Networking is the absolute path to a flood of opportunities.

Don’t strive for the label of social activist, instead be a social reformist.