Durgas in the Real World: How Women Entrepreneurs Conquer

Overview: This festive season in Kolkata, we are eager to hear from the Real Durgas in today's world - Women entrepreneurs who have started on their own and made it happen.

Headstart brings to you 3 of Kolkata's recognised Women Entrepreneurs who are pioneering progress and who understand what it takes to break through barriers. Listen to them if you are looking to develop yourself personally, advance your startup, start a side hustle or grow your business.

There will also be a dedicated time slot for clarifying your queries 1-on-1 with the Speakers.

Who Should Attend: Founders, team leads and decision-makers — if you’re driving growth at a startup or on a core team, then this is the perfect panel for you.

About Headstart & Startup Saturday:

Startup Saturday is Headstart Network Foundation's flagship event which sees over 1000 attendees every month (across India) come together to listen to talks and panel discussions by successful entrepreneurs, VCs, mentors and industry experts. Startup Saturday is organized on the second Saturday of every month by a team of super-passionate volunteers so that startup enthusiasts learn, get inspired and network with the best. Some of India's top startups (Ola, Flipkart, etc) made one of their first demos at a Startup Saturday.

Benefits of Attending Startup Saturday:
1) You will be able to learn from successful Startups and their Journey
2) You will be able to network with Industry Stalwarts who frequently attend our Initiatives as mentors and speakers.
3) We ensure value addition for our audience at each event, so when you walk out you will definitely have learned something new.

Lightning Pitch at Startup Saturday:
Giving a demo at Startup Saturday allows you to pitch in front of a very experienced panel of business founders and investors. It's a quick Q&A session that can change your world in a few minutes. Your pitch will also reach out to a highly qualified audience. They can enrich you with brutally honest feedback, suggestions and offer to help. Please apply here if you wish to give a demo at Startup Saturday: bit.ly/hs_demo

How can you attend the Meet?
Register yourself online here, or Walk-In to the event and register for Rs. 300.

Event Details

21 Sep, 2019
02:00 PM to 06:00 PM
Podium & 1st floor, Globsyn, EP, Sector V,
Salt Lake Electronics Complex,
Kolkata - 700091

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Abhishek Datta

Phone : 9836718418

Email : abhishek_dat@yahoo.co.in

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