Celebration of Woman Entrepreneurs

The theme for Startup Saturday March is Celebration of Women Entrepreneurship. Startup Saturday is aimed at wannapreneurs to entrepreneurs who need their monthly dose of inspiration and motivation. The is to handhold, guide and nurture the women-founded startups. In this edition of Startup Saturday, we will have some successful entrepreneurs as speakers and panellists along with few startups to pitch / demo their idea. 

Kindly note, this is not a Women only meetup. Anyone who wants to learn, share, help, network is invited to be part of this journey. 

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At Headstart Network – we want to sincerely put an effort to reduce some of these barriers and help women come out and explore in a community that helps, learns and grows together. – want to infuse self confidence in first time women entrepreneurs so that they are able to headstart their journey with no constraints felt whatsoever. – want the ecosystem to hear the needs of women entrepreneurs and support them. – want not to compete, but complement and collaborate with existing women entrepreneur groups and initiatives. – want to make the pie bigger for everyone! 

Our Initiative catering to Women Entrepreneurs, WE (Women Entrepreneurship), was started in March 2015 when we observed that the participation of Women in our other initiatives was lesser and that the discussions there were not addressing issues faced specifically by Women. The initiative is run by a passionate bunch of people, determined to impact the lives and businesses of as many Women Entrepreneurs as possible with a mantra - "We win, when you win!"

WE @ Headstart wants to be a prominent platform to enable Women entrepreneurship where women can get connected with other motivated and determined women, self-help groups, and economic empowering platforms; to share, acknowledge and collaborate on making ideas happen.


Meena Bharot


TEDx Speaker, Tri-Athlete Iron Lady

She is a qualified B.Sc (Microbiology), with a post graduate Diploma in Medical Laboratory
Technology (DMLT) and a Master’s Degree in Marketing Management (MMM). She has over 18
years’ of Corporate experience from Middle Level to Senior Management Positions in the field of
Sales and Marketing, Global Sourcing, Supply Chain and Logistics Management and New Product
She also has an International work experience, having worked for an Indian Pharmaceutical
Company as the Head of Operations at their China Office for 6 years from 2005 to 2010.
After her return from China in the year 2011, she quit her corporate job to take up a part time
assignment and has been working as Consultant Faculty at ITM Business School, Kharghar. She did
this in order to pursue her passion for sports.

Meenal Sinha


Founder & CEO, Meetingsandoffices.com

In a career spanning twenty one years the first ten in marketing communications and
the next eleven in the commercial real estate niche of shared workspaces, Meenal has
had the opportunity to get up close with all kinds of business entities, corporate,
multinational, institutional, governmental and the ones she loves the most – start ups
and small business.
This experience allows Meenal to speak with a voice of authority on growing businesses
and the fast evolving shared workspace paradigm. Meenal has a visceral connect with
the needs of the young business ecosystem and value creation opportunities.

All of which reflects in her new venture. meetingsandoffices.com – an intuitive end-to-
end co-working marketplace solution with discovery, comparison, booking and payment - is a natural extension of her experience in the space.


Event Details

09 Mar, 2018
02:30 PM to 04:30 PM
ITM Business School
Navi Mumbai - 410210

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