Imagine if France was a company, how would you have evaluated it before the FIFA world cup began? How about unfancied Croatia? Well, that’s what happens if you happen to attend a Headstart event amidst the football frenzy.

This Startup Saturday was ALL ABOUT STARTUP FUNDING. As participants, we went through stages of a company valuation from seed funding to debt equity. The speaker of the day, Jayesh Baheti, co-founder Baheti and Somani with over 17 years of experience, had case studies and practical wisdom to share.
How to deal with Venture capitalists and when you really ask for money & how much, were some of the real-time learnings. Imagine a 2-hour session when participating audience doesn’t want a break! You know, people are all glued when it comes to money, especially when the money is yours.
Well, here are some quick lessons from the session –

– In Angel funding, it’s not the company that pays but the founder.
If you are not sure, don’t get into the trap.
– Remember – #Investors are not looking for a one-day miracle.
Get stability before getting funds.

– What to expect in a Venture Capital led funds (keep an eye for 👀)
:- being legally right (& legally tight too 🤔)
:- beware of intelligent gathering & conflicts
:- funds to accelerate growth
The demo pitch by team IMPACT had two causes joined together. Walk for good and walk for health. The team represented by Ishaan, Apoorva & Kanan meant what they preached. Fit as ever, they made sure everyone walks with a cause. Did we say, Johnny Walker!
That ends our Headstart for this month, but expect a bigger and grander meet next month. After all, it is our 50th Startup-Saturday at Navi Mumbai.