This is a hands-on workshop for people interested in learning about IoT and hardware prototyping using MediaTek’s LinkIt ONE platform.

This workshop is by invite only and filling this form DOES NOT guarantee your participation for the workshop.

Date: Saturday, February 6, 2016

Program flow / Agenda:
1. Introduction to IoT
2. Discussion on hardware prototyping concepts
3. Introduction to MediaTek LinkIt ONE HDK
4. Advanced features of MediaTek LinkIt ONE and demos (Wi-Fi, GPRS, GPS)
5. Hands-on exercises: Working with digital and analog sensors, radios, etc
6. Post data to MediaTek Cloud Sandbox (Cloud environment) and read
7. Exposure to other cloud environment like AWS

Participants are required to carry their laptops to the event. Required software will be provided and can be installed during the session itself. MediaTek will be providing all the required equipment and components, which need to be returned to us at the end of the session.

The workshop would be led by Ajith KP has been working with developers since 2008 and is technical consultant for Mediatek. In his current role, he introduces Mediatek labs developer tools and resources developers. He additionally helps developers to create prototypes using LinkIt platforms.

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About the Author :

Amit Singh is the co-founder of Headstart – India’s largest early stage startup community. He has a keen interest in startups, technology and design. He runs an award winning product engineering firm called Wow Labz in Bangalore, India. He has invested in multiple startups via Wow Labz as well. He has also cofounded Design Day – a pan India design community

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