“I’ve come full circle with my relationship with the start-up world from the first job in an adventure tourism newbie to co-creating an ambitious company for the world in India. And this journey has been sweet & salty because of all the experiences and connections I’ve made all this years. A big thank you goes to this one platform, I and my partner – Snehal Dhruve been following from our early days of exploring start-ups: Headstart.

We always knew the day we take a plunge into the beautiful chaos we call ‘startups’ from our boring desk job, Headstart will catch our back. And un-surprisingly they did, as we were ready to launch our first product/service to the world. We were invited to talk about Hero: an anything ordering app for the Lightning Pitch at Startup Saturday Mumbai’s June 2015 Edition and we said yes.

An un-expected full house at SP Jain of Managerial Research, Andheri for a day long session on funding got us excited to make an impact on the audience. The talks by Edul from Niffler, Dinesh Goel from Aasan Jobs and Anubhab from Zimmber answered the most difficult questions about finding investors. Next was us and we were there to create shock & wow with our lightning pitch. With just 1 power point, 2 audience members role playing a conversation on our app, 3 products delivered in a matter of minutes; we got 150 people to clap for us and subscribe for our app on the website (www.goherogo.in). It was heartening to see so much appreciation from the most happening startup community in Mumbai for our pitch style plus our product. Thank you, Mumbai!

Hero Pitch Pic

We would recommend anybody mildly interested in building, co-creating or working for a start-up to visit www.headstart.in and attend the next chapter of Startup Saturday in your city by checking it here – http://startupsaturday.headstart.in/.

Also do take some time out to explore Hero: your anything ordering app secretly available on android and iOS on www.goherogo.in. Till next time ciaao! “

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