Building a Wow Product

Headstart's Startup Saturday is a monthly meetup designed to help early stage Entrepreneurs with their startups. With a presence in 20+ cities, Startup Saturday has been enabling tens of thousands of people to startup for the last 8 years.

"How to StartUp" is a 6 month Startup Saturday series focused in enabling more people to Startup. The series starts with basics of Idea Validation to the end point of Selling your product.

  • Jan 2017 - Validating your startup Idea
  • Feb 2017 - Building an A team
  • Mar 2017 - Basics of Starting Up - Legal & Compliance
  • Apr 2017 - Building a Wow Product
    • Customer Delight
    • Choosing your product
    • Design
    • Case Studies
  • May 2017- Fundraising
  • Jun 2017 - Selling like your life depends on it

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Building A Wow Product

At the intersection of User Experience, Technology and Business lies the complex science of Product and its Management. The head needs to be above the water from the sea of opinions and ideas of features, users, stakeholders and insights to have a formidable outlook on the future.

With 3 editions of Headstart’s "How to Start a Startup" National series behind us covering, we turn our attention to another vital issue, that the team and the founders at multiple stages of their startup journey face, The Art and Science of Building a Wow Product.

To combat this and help our fellow entrepreneurs, the theme for the April edition of the 6-month long series is, Building a Wow Product. This edition will see founders, product managers, and investors come in and talk about their experience of the product cycle, sifting through the noise of insights and feedback on features, prioritizing modules amongst many other things appearing in the life of a product.

To get all your product related queries solved and understand the thought process behind the great products that you see and use today, book your seats NOW!!

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Arul Murugan

Cofounder | CEO, Snackexperts

Arul is a horticulture graduate from Tamil Nadu Agriculture University and holds a MBA in food and agriculture business management.

Born and brought up in a farming family – his passion and experience also revolves around Hi tech farming, Contract sourcing, Agricultural processing & Food safety.

Arul's dream is to create a better life for people by being part of healthy snacks Ecommerce Company SNACKEXPERTS headquartered in Chennai. SnackExperts aims at proudly serving country’s best freshly made snacks processed in an extremely hygienic environment and deliver it right to your doorstep.

His long-term vision is to create an eco-system of a self-sustaining healthy snack business which would change the way people eat in our country, gradually

Demo/Elevator Pitch


Nutpam turns you around 360* degree. Nutpam is a video making company. They're are a team of innovative thinkers who works on Virtual reality.


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08 Apr, 2017
01:00 PM to 04:00 PM
Central Lecture Theatre
Indian Institute Of Technology
Chennai - 600036

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