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Doing it Right : Digital Marketing

Every second startup sees marketing as one of the most challenging tasks to accomplish, irrespective of which sector they belong to, and hence we bring you ‘Doing it Right: Digital Marketing’ to demystify the world of marketing.


Digital marketing is not just about running Google AdWords campaigns and Facebook ads, instead it demands extensive and creative funneling and being user-centric by all means. These days you do not urge to be a celebrity or to spend lakhs on TV ads, banners and flyers, because with digital marketing tools your business can embark into the realm of growth. Whether you be having a small scale business or you be a YouTuber, you be a chef or a fashion blogger - with digital marketing tools and techniques you can leverage the best of growth just like giant companies. All it demands is resilience and creativity. 


Gone and done are the days when marketing and sales was confined to flyers and TV, with digital marketing landscape plethora of advances hav

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20 Oct, 2018
05:30 PM to 08:00 PM
A 201, Pancham Icon,
Near Dmart, Vasna Road
Vadodara - 300018

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