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Upcoming in BENGALURU!

Headstart Higher promises a vibrant platform for Startups seeking meritorious and committed professionals with entrepreneurial drive and willing to become a team in taking forward the startup dreams. Likewise, Higher provides an amazing platform for many young and experienced professionals keen for an enterprising career in Startups.


When: Saturday, 16th May 2015

Where: IBM innovation Center Block A, Embassy Golf Links, EGL Domlur, Bengaluru

We know hiring is one of the biggest concern areas for Startups, likewise for Candidates seeking challenging and unconventional career paths. HeadStart Higher aims to connect both Startups and Candidates.

Over 40 Startup companies and 120 job seekers converged in Bengaluru to find a fit for their professional needs at the April 2014 edition of Headstart Higher. By the end of the event, each start-up had, on an average, shortlisted 3-4 candidates.

If you are looking to recruit rock star talent in Bengaluru or around, HeadStart Higher is just the right platform for you!

Startups – Register on higher.headstart.in/bengaluru

Registration Deadline: 10th May 2015

Hurry!! There are limited tickets for this one !

If you are a Job Seeker looking to work for a Startup, apply as a Candidate fill the online application form. Based on the answers, shortlisted candidates will be invited to purchase ticket to the event.

Candidates apply here: higher.headstart.in/bengaluru

Application Deadline: 3rd May 2015

Participation Fees:

For Startups:  Rs. 10,000/-

Funded Series B and above not allowed to participate, except as sponsors.

For Candidates:  Rs. 500/-

We are also offering Early Bird Discounts (30% for shortlisted candidates and startups, registered before 30th of April 2015

Headstart Higher -  Startup Jobs Speed Dating

Headstart Higher is a unique startup job search program facilitated by HeadStart Network Foundation. It is a job-speed-dating session with a startup you love to work with.

How it works:

Watch video to understand - How HeadStart Higher Works?

Headstart HIgher
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How is this different from other job fairs?

Headstart Higher is not your average job fair. It is different on two counts. One, only startups (very young companies, who may not even have a steady revenue streams) are allowed to hire in a Higher event. Two, you will undergo a selection before you are allowed to participate.

Working with a startup has its own challenges and opportunities. If you  don’t understand what it takes, read on further. If you do, move on to register yourself by giving in the relevant details. If we like your profile, we will tell you how to buy a Candidate Ticket to confirm your seat.

Risks and Rewards of joining a startup:

Joining a startup is nothing like joining another job. It demands long working hours, responsibility, ownership and a lot of passion. In many cases, the startup may not pay you even half as much as your current salary and would perhaps demand double the amount of work.

What is on offer is your shot at changing the world by building a business that provides innovative products and services or does it more efficiently than most others in the world. The risk that you take on your salary is compensated either with some equity in the organization or simply the fast growth and learning if the company does well.

Why you shouldn’t join a startup:

You should clearly not join a startup if any of the  following is true:

  1. You have a high commitment on the income you take home. For example, if you are servicing a huge home-loan.
  2. You have a family that demands loads of attention. For example, if you are expecting arrival of your first child in next few months.
  3. You are unable to get through other jobs and are looking at this as an option for time being. Joining a startup is a long-term commitment.
  4. You care a lot about the brand name of the company you join. It is quite likely that no one in your circle has heard about the startup you work for, or will hear about it in near future.

Why you may join a startup

There are some people who have natural inclination towards startups:

  1. You are known for taking initiatives among your friends. You happen to be the one person who organizes all get-togethers and you love it.
  2. You love the freedom at your workplace and would find it cool to come to office at 2 pm or whenever you like to and work late-hours. Startups usually don’t have a in-time out-time policy.
  3. You think you work best when you are left unsupervised. There are usually no enough people in a startup to monitor you.
  4. You are a programmer but love to try your hand at dabble online marketing, sales and making coffee, or any other way around.

Supported by:


NASSCOM 10,000startups initiative facilitates early stage startups and aspiring entrepreneurs access to Accelerator / Angel Investor / Mentors. To know more about the program and be informed for the call of application, please fill in the form by clicking the link:  http://bit.ly/hs10k

Startup Participated at Previous HeadStart Higher Mumbai and Delhi Editions:


Startups HeadStart Higher Mumbai

Testimonials from past participating startups

This event is really one of a kind and is a lot of fun too. We participated as a startup and were able to interact with a lot of like-minded and capable individuals. I would definitely recommend this as a must-do exercise for every budding startup. The experience alone was worth it :)  ” – Hardik, DialHealth (Startup)

The overall event was designed brilliantly. uniRow would like to thank HeadStart team for organizing and giving opportunity to participate. This kind of event really helps startups like us to meet the professionals and interact with like minded people. uniRow would like to participate in future and in other cities too. If physical presence wont possible for us, we would like to go with video conference. I hope you guys can help us to participate in other cities without having physical presence. Keep doing awesome work. Good Luck.” – Kunal, UniRow (Startup)

Never before have I met so many good candidates in three hours. This event is a fantastic concept and we wish there were more such events in Delhi-NCR” – Ankur Singla, Akosha (Startup)

Testimonials from past participating candidates

Wonderful concept, execution & the team behind it. I think this is the best platform for startups to hire & for people who are looking to join startups to get hired. Awesome stuff guys :) ” – Pulkit Somani (Candidate)

An amazing initiative taken up by the Headstart organization to come up with something like this so unique and so much more helpful for all. It was an amazing experience for me, someone looking to find that perfect job for him. Meeting so many prospective employers all under one roof was just unbelievable. Looking forward to more such amazing events and being a part of them. Thank you Headstart.” - Nirav Gangar (Candidate)