The Co-founder Search Program is very simple. One has to fill this form to register. Once the details are entered into that form, you will get access to the document containing details of the people who have registered just like you. You will then be free to contact the person whom you see as your potential co-founder. After you’ve found your suitable partner, your name will be removed from the document.

With winds of entrepreneurship blowing strongly in India, more and more people are willing to try the unconventional route and are taking the plunge. What they realize sooner or later, is that entrepreneurship is not just about an individual, but about building a team that complements each others’ skills. Usually, one tries to find a co-founder in their friend, colleague or a former classmate. But it so happens that even the person whom we know for years may not be an ideal co-founder.

HeadStart Network Foundation, which people usually associate with “Startup Saturday”, realized that there is a strong need of a platform where people can find their potential co-founders. With this objective in mind, it ran a pilot co-founder search program for startups early this year. Based on that experience, the program has been launched at a national level.

Some might find the idea of a stranger becoming a cofounder as impossible or impractical. But given the fact that businesses requires very specialized skill sets to run, especially in the beginning, one might not always be able find a person with suitable attributes in their close circle of friends and colleagues. Co-founder Search Program is specially designed to address this need.

You can contact Rahul Gulati or Arti Agarwal, for more details. Their contact details are-

Rahul: rahul dot gulati at headstart dot in
Arti: arti at headstart dot in

Note: Kindly note that the sharing limit for the list of potential co-founders has been exhausted. We are working on a new platform to better enable your search for co-founder, which will be shared with you shortly. 

If the form does not load below – please follow this link.