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Startup Saturday Gurgaon is a forum for the entrepreneurial community, to come together and talk about what it takes to be a part of it. We invite people with all sorts of profiles to talk about their products, services, ideas, problems and what not. Startup Saturday Gurgaon is known for its audience, that is harsh and supportive in equal measures. Our audience will bang upon your idea until they have extracted the last piece of classified information. But that is only to help you out with expanding your business, or coming up with ideas that could enhance your services / products. We prefer entrepreneurs who are willing to share a lot about their ideas or businesses. It makes it interesting for the audience to become a part of the think-tank - that's what each one of our attendee likes to be. Who Should Attend We welcome new and experienced entrepreneurs, researchers, PR folks, Finance guys, investors - alike to come and talk about a topic of interest to the Startup community. Be it a specific demo of your product or service, be it something that related to Startup "Gyaan", or simply a debate on what should be the way forward on any idea or thought- we are willing to listen. However hard we may try to tell this, but you will believe it only when you land up at one of the Startup Saturday Gurgaon events. We are not a forum that's focused only on "Technology". We are willing to have entrepreneurs from all sorts of businesses - both online and offline.

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